NYRF infographics to promote young rider safety available FOC

The National Young Rider Forum (NYRF) is making a series of seasonal infographics, designed to improve the safety of young motorcycle riders, available to download and use free-of-charge.

The infographics have been used on social media over the last year, as part of separate themed campaigns in Summer, Winter and Spring and have been viewed 100,000s of times on NYRF social media platforms.

The infographics highlight several key issues impacting young riders and were evidence-led from the NYRF research report ‘Understanding Young Riders’.

For example, the summer series look at wearing the correct gear, bike maintenance and riding impaired by alcohol or drugs.

All sets of infographics can be found via the NYRF’s New Rider Hub website – and are free for road safety teams to use.

The NYRF are making them available in support of three major road safety campaigns that take place this week, Project Edward, Global Road Safety Week and the RoadPeace Challenge.

It is in the spirit of sharing free resources across the country (and beyond), to enable all road safety teams - regardless of budget – to communicate key messages to all road users, but particularly young motorcyclists.

Heidi Duffy MBE, facilitator of the National Young Rider Forum, said: “Over the last year, we have run several successful campaigns highlighting seasonal issues.

“These infographics are all available for road safety teams to disseminate – and we hope they will use them to promote the importance of safety among young riders.”

“We send with this free resource, best wishes to the teams at Project Edward, Global Road Safety Week and the RoadPeace Challenge, for successful events across the UK and indeed the world, to raise awareness of the huge numbers of people killed and seriously injured in road crashes every day and drastically drive down those numbers going forward.”

Anyone who uses the infographics is being encouraged to tag the @NewRiderHub in their posts.

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