Delivery rider

Working in a gig economy delivery job offers plenty of flexibility in terms of hours and schedule.

To become a gig economy delivery rider on a motorcycle or scooter you will need to complete the CBT course along with meeting the requirements of the company you choose to work for, this often includes a minimum age and UK residence or right to work.

To take the CBT Course you will first need either a UK Provisional Licence or UK Driving Licence. You can apply for a UK Provisional License on the DVLA website here.

As part of applying for a Provisional Licence, it is a legal requirement that you have a good understanding of the Highway Code.

While you don't need any previous motorcycle experience to complete the CBT course, taking some time to get confident cycling on the roads and around the city you plan to work in is highly recommended.

Once you have your provisional licence, you can then book the CBT course.

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