Highway Code
The Government website has lots of information about getting ready for your CBT.

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You could also pick up a copy of ‘Learning to Ride’ book which talks about the process of learning to ride, and the key riding skills you'll need to demonstrate to pass your CBT test.

Also, make sure you have read The Highway Code sections on motorcycling and have a basic understand of road signs, this will help a lot.

Top tips:

  • Get a good night’s sleep and be prepared for a long day
  • If you wear glasses make sure you take them with you
  • Make sure you know what PPE your instructor is providing: most have helmets, jackets, and gloves for you to wear, which means you’ll need to concentrate on bringing yourself and some sensible clothing and footwear. This means at least heavy denim jeans and not wearing trainers, thin shoes or steel toe capped shoes or boots.
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