Ready to Ride?

Are you Ready to Ride this Spring?

Find out by watching these three short videos below 👇

What are the hazards to you as a rider?

It is super important not to rush and try to squeeze through traffic. Give yourself time and space: space to stop and time to react.

Here are a couple of acronyms we hope you will find useful!


O – Observation
You need to both look ahead and regularly check following traffic using your mirrors and/or by looking over your shoulder when it’s safe to do so.

S – Signal
If necessary, signal your intention to change course or turn. Signal clearly and in good time.

M – Manoeuvre
Change speed and/or direction only if it’s safe to do so, or to avoid a collision.



PSL manoeuvres have three parts

P – Position
You need to get into the correct position in good time. This lets other road users see what you intend to do.

S – Speed
You need to slow down as you approach a potential threat or hazard.

L – Look
You need to keep looking for possible dangers. Check the traffic situation behind as well as in front.


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