Spring has Sprung! New Rider Hub launches infographics campaign

A series of four exciting infographics, designed to engage with and help prepare young riders for riding out this Spring, will be shared on social media over the coming weeks.

The infographics have been prepared by the New Rider Hub, the one-stop-shop for new and young powered two-wheeler (PTW) riders overseen by the National Young Rider Forum (NYRF).

They focus on important subjects, two of which are the use of helmets and the dangers of riding while under the influence of drugs.

Bike maintenance is also covered, as is the need for riders to recognise signs in the Highway Code.

With regards to the latter, the New Rider Hub is encouraging young riders to familiarise themselves with The Highway Code - particularly the rules, regulations and traffic signs.

Each infographic will be published on the New Rider Hub’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They will be boosted by paid advertising, in order to reach as many riders as possible.

The first, which covers drug driving, will be published on Monday 3 April. It has been timed to coincide with the National Fire Chiefs Council’s (NFCC) Motorcycle Safety Week.

Dan Quin, NFCC lead for road safety, said: “NFCC is delighted to see the launch of the new resources during Motorcycle Safety Week. The New Rider Hub is a valued way of NFCC and our partners sharing the advice available to help keep young riders safe on our roads.”

Each post will link back to the campaign page on the New Rider Hub website.

The full publishing schedule can be found at the foot of this press release.

As part of the campaign, a series of polls will also run across Twitter.

Heidi Duffy MBE, facilitator of the NYRF, said: “Spring is traditionally a time we see many more motorcyclists take to our roads and this includes our young riders”.

“Whether you are a commuter, GIG courier or leisure rider, this is a good time to check your bike and yourself as the rider, to ensure you are both fit, safe and legal, to be riding out on the road.”

“We hope that our young riders find the information useful and that it helps to keep them safe.”

Spring infographics complete year-round collection
The spring infographics campaign is the fourth to be launched by the New Rider Hub, following on from campaigns looking at issues specific to summer, autumn and winter.

All four sets of infographics can be found via the New Rider Hub website – and are free for road safety teams to use.

Heidi added: “Over the last year, we have run a number of successful campaigns highlighting seasonal issues.

“These infographics are all available for road safety teams to disseminate – and we hope they will use them to promote the importance of safety among young riders.”

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