Bike Maintenance

Look after your bike/moped and it will look after you.  Carrying out a few simple checks before each ride could save your life. Use POWDERS


  • Do you have enough for your journey?
  • Is the reserve tap off?
  • Check there are no leaks


  • Check the oil level is correct, by dipstick or spy glass. Be sure to be on level ground with your bike upright
  • Top-up only with the correct motorcycle oil, see your handbook/ check online. Remember over-filling with engine oil can cause as much damage as letting the level drop below the minimum mark
  • Check brake and clutch fluid levels


  • If you have a water-cooled engine, check the level of the coolant and be sure to be on level ground with your bike upright. Remember if the level is low always top-up with a mix of distilled water and antifreeze
  • Check for any damage to the hoses and radiator


  • Check over your bike for damage, corrosion, or broken parts
  • Don’t forget to check your wheels and brakes
  • Check for any loose parts


  • Complete a full light check. Remember to check both foot and hand brake switches
  • Give the horn a quick go
  • Check lights are clean, and the lenses are intact
  • Check warning lamps are working


  • Check tyre tread for depth, damage, and foreign objects
  • Always check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold because the pressure will read higher when the tyre is hot
  • For more information on tyres go to

Alternatively, remember BOLT!

Always check yourself as well!

  • Are you under the influence of alcohol? If you have been drinking, make sure you are clear of alcohol before getting back on your bike.
  • Are you under the influence of legal or illegal drugs? Some over the counter and prescription drugs make you unfit to rider your bike. If you are taking them and not sure talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or healthcare professional
  • Are you overly tired, wound up, angry ill or injured? If you are not feeling 100%, consider not riding at all

For more advice on looking after your bike check out:

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