NYRF Research Project – final report

The National Young Rider Forum is pleased to present the final report of the NYRF Research Project.

The research project was supported by a Road Safety Grant from the Department for Transport and the work was conducted by Agilysis Ltd.

Please note the report is available for you to read and download free of charge but the National Young Rider Forum must be acknowledged if you use it, copy it, refer to it, reproduce it or report on it.

If you have any comments on the report or would like further information on the National Young Rider Forum please email the NYRF Facilitator Heidi Duffy MBE at heidi.duffy@viaem.co.uk.

The report is the subject of a video presentation, published as part of Road Safety GB’s online PTW event.

The presentation, prepared by Heidi Duffy MBE, facilitator of the NYRF, and Tanya Fosdick, head of research at Agilysis, provides the first glimpse of the findings from the research.

Watch here ?

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