Winter infographics campaign

In the immortal words of Jon Snow – winter is coming.

The nights are pulling in; every day features at least one rain shower – and we can all start dreaming about what Santa might bring when the big day arrives.

But for young riders, the change in season comes with a set a new challenges on the road.

Check out our winter riding infographics and tips (click on the images to bring up the full size versions available to download):

Blinded by the lights ✨

These may be lyrics from your favourite song by The Weeknd, but the message is important!

Low sun can affect your view, so slow down!



Think BOLT ⚡

No, not Usain… But this handy acronym of checks to ensure your bike is prepared for winter riding!


Here are some more maintenance tips:

Ready for the winter weather? ☔

Let’s be honest, it’s going to rain every day between now and next summer. After all, this is Britain.

Give yourself more time and space on wintery roads!



Morning after the night before… 

Had a few with your mates last night? ? While you may feel fine, it takes a lot longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body!

It is not worth the risk, leave your scooter at home!



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