Summer infographics campaign

Riding on two wheels is a great way of getting about and escaping public transport and traffic delays... but with this freedom comes a need to be extra vigilant and aware of the potential risks.

Check out our summer riding infographics and tips (click on the images to bring up the full size versions available to download):

Sun tans are cool... road rash is not

Sun cream will prevent sunburn, biker gear will prevent road rash this summer!

Find out more about the importance of wearing the correct gear:


Meeting mates for a drink?

Leave the bike at home this summer!

It takes a lot longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body - and even the smallest amount of alcohol can impact your ability to ride!


Is your bike ready for the road?

Check it - you don't want a long push home this summer!

Here are our maintenance tips:


Are you festival ready?

Foggy brain impairs your riding - leave the bike at home!



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