How to stay safe at junctions

At every junction, use the OSM/PSL!

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When overtaking, stay well back from the vehicle in front to get a better view of the road ahead.  Only go if the road is clear and you are confident that you can get past without losing control or speeding.

Never overtake approaching a junction!

When traffic is slow moving or queuing, it’s tempting to pass several vehicles at once.

This is filtering. Beware!

Many car drivers may be unaware of your presence or what you are doing.  It is advised that you should not be doing more than 10 mph faster than the vehicles you are passing.  Best case scenario is that they are stationary or travelling very slowly and you are only going slightly faster.  You have got to watch out for drivers suddenly changing lane or ‘U’ turning without warning.  Give yourself as much time and space to react as you can.  Try not to be between two vehicles at the same time, keeping an escape space at one side or the other, if possible.

Remember: be courteous to other road users

Of course, a big danger is another motorcycle filtering towards you.

Consider, if something should go wrong, ‘Am I in the correct position on the road?’  If you are not, move!

Never filter approaching a junction!

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