The National Young Rider Forum has been involved in or supported the following campaigns:

Social media infographics

We created a series of 'Safe Riding Tips' infographics, which were shared on social media with the help of paid advertising.

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NYRF Campaigns

#FilterFriendly campaign

We teamed up with MAG Foundation to create a filtering safety video, which aims to trial a new safety messaging approach.

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Know the Dangers

Created by the Shiny Side Up Partnership, the Know The Dangers campaign highlights the most common causes of collisions for motorcyclists.

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Bare Bones

Bare Bones takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to promoting road safety messages to teenage scooter and motorbike riders.

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Angry Al!

‘Angry Al’ is the unlikely central character of eight social media videos, produced by 2Wheels London, which cover areas that contribute towards collisions such as speed, observations, overtaking, junctions and road position.

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Street Spirit

The Street Spirit campaign uses a 360-degree video to help riders enhance their knowledge on safe riding.

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