New Rider Hub launches summer infographics campaign

A series of four summer infographics, which shine a beam of light on several key issues impacting young riders, will be shared on social media over the coming weeks.

The infographics have been prepared by the New Rider Hub, the one-stop-shop for new and young powered two-wheeler (PTW) riders overseen by the National Young Rider Forum (NYRF).

They focus on important subjects, two of which are the dangers of riding tired and/or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Relating to typical summer events, such as festivals, BBQs and weddings, the overriding message of these two infographics is to ‘leave the bike at home’.

Two further infographics highlight to young riders the importance of wearing the correct protective gear to avoid ‘road rash’ and checking their bike before setting off to ensure they do not have a long push home at the end of their night out.

Each infographic will be published on the New Rider Hub’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They will be boosted by paid advertising, in order to reach as many riders as possible.

Heidi Duffy MBE, facilitator of the NYRF, said: “Young riders face challenges all year round, but the summer presents a heightened risk when it comes to things like alcohol/drugs and tiredness. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a party in the sunshine?

“We hope our young riders find these infographics a useful reminder this summer when it comes to staying safe on the road.”

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